What was Punchfork?

Punchfork was the easiest way to discover the best new recipes from top food sites and share them with family and friends.

We used social data from Facebook and Twitter to rank the most popular recipes around the web and present the results in a beautiful, magazine-like visual layout. Punchfork brought users the latest recipes and dishes that were trending on popular food blogs like Smitten Kitchen, Simply Recipes, 101 Cookbooks, The Pioneer Woman and more.


Our wider mission was to build tools that help people cook at home more often and more enjoyably, a goal that continues on at Pinterest.


Punchfork, Inc. was founded in May 2010 by Jeff Miller in Palo Alto, California.

How were Punchfork recipe ratings calculated?

Punchfork used an algorithm that measured sharing activity on social networks. The higher a recipe's rating, the more it had been talked about and shared on the web.

The specific inputs to the calculation were:

Recipe API

In June 2011, Punchfork released the first API for recipes on the web. Some things you could do with the Punchfork API:


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